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Thread TTA FX - Cue based audio playback

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1 TTA FX - Cue based audio playback

Hi guys,

Hope you don't mind this shameless advertisement on your forum.


I work at TTA and we are proud to present TTA FX, a powerful cue based playback and editing system for audio.


Unlimited number of sound files can be added and up to sixteen mono or stereo sounds can be played back simultaneously.


TTA FX edits are non-destructive, allowing you to go back to the original version of the sound should an edit produce undesired results.

TTA FX supports most .wav formats, aiff and mp3 sound files and may be run on PC and Mac computers.



- easy to understand interface with a graphical timeline editor for each cue!

- keep several installations in perfect sync!

- windows or mac, why choose when you can have both?


To find out more about TTA FX, go to http://www.tta-sound.com/?page=tta_fx3.php .


Download the free version of TTA FX now and try it out.



Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will find our software of use to you.