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Sony Misc music/audio gear user reviews

  • Sony MHC-RG333

    Sony MHC-RG333 - " excelente hi-fi"


    - I use it for almost 8 years, with no worries! - Sony is the first model I bought, and if it was pioneer philips, my other previous purchases. - I would have liked to have 2 RCA outputs in addition to those on the front possibility of cut…

  • Sony MDR-XB700

    Sony MDR-XB700 - " Really amazed!"


    I received this headphone, I asked Father Christmas, not knowing really what it was worth ... I knew that the price shot in the 100 € and I was extremely impressed by the quality of the product! It has excellent sound insulation for the little story…

  • Sony MHC-RG444S

    Sony MHC-RG444S - Dj Psychot-X's review


    * For how long have you been using it? 4-5 if I remember right * What is the specific feature you like best, the least? The +: its quality (Sony are really very very good), his practice between phono to plug my PC or my Archos, the Awakening a…

  • Sony WM-D6C

    Sony WM-D6C - Oliviercool's review


    It's been an eternity since I have this little cassette recorder and it is indestructible ^ ^ I already had my famous Marantz CP-430 (or PMD-430) when I am provided. Why then a second cassette player? Because on the Marantz, there was the Dolby B …

  • Sony MZ-NH700

    Sony MZ-NH700 - J.A.C's review


    How is it to mix on this web site (the music to grate it)? …

  • Sony Betacam SP UVW100P

    Sony Betacam SP UVW100P - Tamatafe's review


    I am looking for the mode of use of the camera beta sp uvw sony hd 100p hyper MWRI …

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - loran.d's review


    - For how long have you been using it? A little over 1 year - What is the specific feature you like best, the least? + Great sound / unload via usb / bcp storage with the HI-MD - Supports more sonic stage, and we are obliged to pass through …

  • Sony RDR-HX1000

    Sony RDR-HX1000 - Dom Brunet's review


    DVD recorder with HDD 250G Trs well built, all in brushed aluminum. Friendly, efficient and rich connectivity! It lacks a dv output ilink/1394 Excellent quality dvd burning …

  • Sony XE597

    Sony XE597 - RickD's review


    - How long have you use it? From April 2008 until December 2008. - What is so special that you like most and least? The sound is excellent, plays SACD and of course CDs. - Have you tried many other models before buying it? I had a Philips…

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - astroboy56's review


    I use it for over a year. Obviously the quality of sound is irrprochable. The recording is almost more beautiful than in Ralite gnral ... The battery is any evidence of a robust, close to 2:30 and continuous recording with the best quality (WAV P…