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Sony Misc music/audio gear user reviews

  • Sony PS-J20

    Sony PS-J20 - cotto's review


    Platinum very compact - 100 euros ca the fact 33 and 45 course I could resort to my old vinyl reggae …

  • Sony FH-B590

    Sony FH-B590 - cocoibiza's review


    A string really no interest because the CD does not work. - How long have you use it? 8 years - What is the particular feature you like best and least? +: FM Tuner, Drive K7, -: Takes the dusts, CD rot (it loose in 2003) - Have you tried m…

  • Sony TA-F60

    Sony TA-F60 - Dom Brunet's review


    Integrated amplifier from 1980 2x75W RMS into 8 ohms! exellente couraging Sony Bought in 1986 a friend who used it in discothque club med in Africa! It runs every day in 4412 to supply monitoring and earlier stages of JBL L26 JBL The great…

  • Sony DSR-PD150

    Sony DSR-PD150 - dadasoupe2's review


    I use it in one way professional for 3 years. The rglages are very simple to do in the rush. It's worth the money, even new. The DVcam, it's a gadget by SONY against. They could do without, it's just a bandwidth of history. …

  • Sony MZ-NH700

    Sony MZ-NH700 - rafafoune's review


    I use the MD for 2 years, I like his sound clear, tan q'il although there is noise on the line, my first md at the moment, I got this md THROUGH a individual who has lost my malancontreusement software, the disk opens the door to the pleasure of leng…

  • Sony CDP-101

    Sony CDP-101 - webgoret's review


    I rcupr the CD player 2 months ago dj. I will not do the aps Hitori: THE FIRST CD player is not selling ... I expected a rsultat average and error. Everything is extremely prcis, a copy of neutrality and an extraordinary Fidler. I find the sound much…

  • Sony MHC-RG222

    Sony MHC-RG222 - aurellm's review


    So we buy it Hi-Fi there is a near three years it is in perfect condition never fall lawn or anything in May we have a problem with the diode sure the button and off it in May when she was clignioter connect, I have to try everything in May I'm afrai…

  • Sony SS-A 290

    Sony SS-A 290 - polo2bzh's review


    Pair of stereo speakers, 60 watts into 6 ohms, made in Belgium. Connections via son without connection (directment out of the enclosure). 2 channels. …

  • Sony nw-a1200

    Sony nw-a1200 - maliou_1's review


    - How long have you use it? few months - What is so special that you like most and least? The super good this player is the sound quality and headphones (better than the ipod). The small downside is the software is better but having said th…

  • Sony MHC-RG444S

    Sony MHC-RG444S - Waldoo's review


    I use this string for 2 years and a half for my CDs, radio, cassette (yes) and also between the PC branch. I love its simplicity of use and sober (no LCD display with buttons and belongings all over the screen) the only "tuning button" if you want…