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Chaosound detroys your guitar sound

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Chaosound Anti-Effect
News Chaosound Anti-Effect

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Chaosound is a young "Boutique" manufacturer whose first product is the hand-made Anti-Effet analog guitar destroyer pedal.

Anti-Effect destroys the sound by imitating electroacoustic track damage. It breaks the sound in a chaotic way but you can control the way the sound is destroyed. You can imitate mulfunctioning guitar cable and burning amplifier, as well as thunder and lighting, bombing and crushing…

You can use Anti-Effect along with other effect pedals, Chasound recommends setting it after a distortion or modeling pedal in the chain.

The pedal features a rate knob that controls the chaos density, a 4-sequence knob with various ways of destroying the sound, a depth knob and two Effect On and Max Depth (for more expression) footswitches. A true bypass switch is located on the rear of the pedal.

Anti-Effect operates on 9V battery or DC power adapter (not included).

Discover this new pedal on www.chaosound.com

  • djangosurf 1 post
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 02/09/2013 at 07:43:33
    ... Just a total random chopped tremolo...

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