Hawklord 09/19/2006

EVH D Tuna : Hawklord's user review


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With the quip of my floyd trem setter of Jackson to the blocquer trmolo I CHRE curiosities the cd to install an EVH D Tuna. Once installed and rgl is really effective, stunning and easy to use. We can consider switching to a riff in D, E to go and vice versa in one piece.

But before we get the must agree to pay expensive trs small pices mtalliques which I do not even prfre estimate the cost cot rl. For cons, the IDE is gniale (trs and simple when you have pens hlas), we can assume that the patent and license to use the many reports have bte EVH.

The manual is not easy to understand and the pictures does not explain the entire operation of the D Tuna. In fact I realized only install APRS APRS have some trial and error that the forward movement of the rear-D-TUNA SETTING THE was substituted at the wheel of fine tuning by exerting a rapid movement towards up or down on the rear of the trigger guard of the low E string, a matching tone. Consquence the rglage of precision tuning, fine tuning is almost neutralized.

Obviously, if the installation is relatively simple (5 minutes), under these conditions SETTING THE agreement is much less with only the mcanique of the head taking into account the need then reblocquer nut. This changes the lgrement rglage initial impact and the final agreement in D and E, must therefore be considered compensation. The rglage is by trial and error and therefore we get a compromise between the D and E (I am not yet arrived when it in fact possible, but a perfect rglage / 8 tone, it goes).
Without blocking the floyd, the opration dstabilise is impossible because we invited the balance of the floyd on the other strings.
Can also be installed on the Floyds low profile (type III or lo-Ibanez Edge) because it is the same as the original Floyd Rose (and copies) that allows the operation of the D-Tuna.

Résumé in hand the price and the relative difficulty of rglage (APRS but it does not move, phew), it is really practical as an accessory, if we can blocquer the Floyd.