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Novation Automap 4.3

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Novation Automap 4
News Novation Automap 4

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Novation has updated Automap to version 4.3.

Changes and fixes:

  • Revised Plug-In focus follow on screen option.
  • Added HUI support for Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer and Pro Tools LE in Setup Wizard.
  • Added support for Logic Express 9 in Setup Wizard.
  • Green light will come on for all HUI-supported DAWs on the same system.
  • Added 'Ignore HUI heartbeat messages’ in HUI setting (only tick this box if you are a Reaper user).
  • Added Automap mode to Impulse’s Plugin button when using with Ableton Live.
  • Updated Impulse Firmware to version 663, now the Plugin button has two modes when use with Ableton Live. Mode 1 (constant light): to control Live device, Mode 2 (flashing light) to control Automap enabled plug-ins.
  • Updated SL Mkii firmware to version 1.3.12.
  • Updated Zero SL Mkii firmware to version 1.3.14.
  • Fixed Automap asking for password when launching on DAW on OS X.
  • Fixed VST3 not working when 'Follow on screen Plug-In where possible’ is ticked (in the expense of Steinberg’s VST3 plug-ins on screen rotaries not working, Windows only).
  • Fixed VST plug-ins not auto focusing when using Sonar.
  • Fixed track name not appearing after load a session with HUI in Digital Performer.
  • Fixed automap enabled VST3 plug-ins crashing or not loading in Studio One.
  • Fixed bug when plugging and unplugging hardware continuously on OS X Lion.
  • Fixed garbled text in Notification window on Mac.
  • Fixed not wrapping Focusrite Midnight suite in setup wizard.
  • Fixed crash when tracking up and down with Impulse 25 using Reason.
  • Merged Logic Express and Pro Tools LE guide with Logic Pro and Pro Tools.
  • Improved Logic setup guide.
  • Matched the text regarding Automap MIDI in advanced so it’s now the same on Mac and PC.
  • Reduced Mac and Win installer download size.
  • Removed Mac PPC support.
  • Fixed AU automation mis-write when touching a control while moving another.
  • Fixed LED ring not displaying pan parameter when using Studio One.
  • Fixed Preview button not working on Mac.
  • Updated Studio One setup guide to include additional keyboard setup information.
  • Changed the stop button behaviour in Studio One to match the Mackie HUI.
  • Added messages to notify user to use 'Plugin’ button to switch between Ableton Live mode and Automap mode.
  • updated Impulse 25 encoder HUI mapping.
  • Fixed crash with wrapped VST3 version of Melodyne with Studio One.
  • Known issues:
  • Windows only, Steinberg’s VST3 plug-ins on screen rotaries not working when wrapped, untick 'Follow on screen Plug-In where possible’ option in Preferences.
  • when using HUI with Digital Performer, moving fader 1 will also move fader 8 in the Automap GUI. This will not affect session in most case. This is caused by DP sending CC7 on channel 1 back to Automap every time the first slider is being move.
  • AU plug-ins name will appear strangely in Studio One when wrapped. This does not affect the performance of the plug-ins.
  • Fabfilter VST3 not recognise on windows systems when wrapped.
  • Waves 8 plug-in will not auto focus when wrapped or not wrapped.


  • VST2 and VST3 plug-ins re-wrap is required for the new fixes to work.
  • If you are using multiple version of Reaper, the naming of Reaper in Setup Wizard depends on which version you load first.
  • If you have these versions of Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One and Digital Performer, the green light next to them will come on if one DAW is setup.
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