Celemony Melodyne 3
Celemony Melodyne 3

Melodyne 3, Other Sequencer from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

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BeyondR 07/28/2012

Celemony Melodyne 3 : BeyondR's user review


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Melodyne is one of the most powerful software that provide unique options regarding vocal editing.
The general configuration and setup are fairely easy to follow and don't require much time.
Everything is well-designed to get the best work flow possible.


The software works extremely great also as an VST or as a standalone, the soft is extremely well-made and stable,I have never had any issues regarding melodyne,
even if I've been using it for more than 2 years.
The precise pitch information is just on a whole new level regarding audio information, and now basically you can compare midi data to audio data thanks to softwares similar to Melodyne.


The thing what I love most about melodyne is the great interface, the precise pitch control, the many options regarding editing rhythm, the length of the notes, the great tuning provided by it, and also the low cpu resources needed to run properly.

I also enjoy the timing tool which is extremely useful, you can build some great harmonies with it, you can adjust the vibrato, the intensity of the vibrato and many other unique options.
It isn't very expensive, it costs around 400$ the full version which has a lot of new improvements,t he precision and quality of the soft is on a whole new level.
I've tried autotune and many other audio software,but melodyne does a much greater job, and you can really get into details of the audio using melodyne.

Without a doubt I would make the same choice and i would buy over again Melodyne because it really gets the job done in a small amount of time, melodyne is used world wide in professional studios and also in home studios,it's strictly recommended to those that tend to get the best vocal recordings or just tuning some audio files, one of the great features that melodyne does it, it captures the sound of different instruments like a piano, and it tunes exactly on the right pitch.