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Five 12 Numerology 3 Pro

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Five 12 Numerology 3 Pro
News Five 12 Numerology 3 Pro

Other Sequencer from Five 12

Public price: $185 incl. VAT

Five12 has announced that Numerology 3 can be downloaded now in preview release form, featuring a new UI, Audio and MIDI recording on every stack, OSC support, Sequencer Evolution, and a built-in Stack Library are just a few of the many new features available in Numerology 3, with more on the way.


New features implemented so far in Numerology 3 (with the Pro-only features marked as such):

  • New UI.
  • Evolve [the pro version can run more transformations than the SE version].
  • Audio Recording on every stack.
  • MIDI Recording on every stack.
  • Stack Library.
  • Module Settings.
  • OSC Learn [pro].
  • Multiple output support for Audio Units [pro].
  • Monophonic routing support [pro].

New Modules:

  • Custom Scale [pro].
  • Unary Op, Binary Op, Ternary Conditional [pro].
  • Audio Mixer [pro].
  • Pan & Volume [pro].
  • VCA [pro].
  • Clock Offset [pro].
  • Gate Generator [pro].
  • CV Delay [pro].
  • Audio Delay.
  • Button Box.


Numerology SE Audio Unit

What was originally going to be a separate product called the Five12 Sequencer Kit will now be the “Numerology SE Audio Unit”, and will be included as a part of Numerology SE. So if you have (or purchase) a license to Numerology 3 Standard Edition, you will get access to an Audio Unit version for no extra charge. And, as before, if you have a pro license, you will get the pro version of the plugin.

There will be a small price increase for Numerology 3 SE. The final price will be $129 (up from $119). The “early bird” upgrade price will remain at $34 for now, but will bump up a bit sometime after the public version of the SE plugin is made available. Also the SE plugin will have a more limited feature set than the Pro plugin. The limitations boil down to three things:

  1. No Prototype Modules: The AU (just like the App) will come with a large stack library that will include all the most common module combinations (MonoNote, MonoNote + Audio Sample, DrumSeq, DrumSeq + DrumKit), several “discrete sequencing” setups, and lots of other things. And, of course, you can build new things in the standalone version and load them in to the AU via the stack library.
  2. No Routing page: Since everything is loaded via the stack library, routing access isn’t necessary.
  3. Modules from the Pro version will load and work properly, but will be locked into the minimized state—just as with pro modules loaded into Numerology 3 SE in the standalone version.

A release schedule for the AU plug-ins is not yet available.


Pricing & Availability

Numerology 3 SE (Standard Edition) and Numerology 3 Pro Preview Release 1 are now available for download and testing. Build 12 is the current release.

Upgrades from Numerology v1/v2 are currently $34 an can be purchased online. If you purchased Numerology after October 15th 2009, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade. You can also purchase a Numerology 3 SE license directly – it’s the same price as for Numerology 2.

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