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HighC 2.2

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HighC 2.2
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Draw your Music with HighC, a New graphical music creation software designed to provide easy access to advanced audio synthesis.

HighC (version 2.2) is a new graphical music creation tool. In HighC, users draw sounds on a continuous time-frequency diagram that looks like a musical score. They use purely graphical operations (such as move-resize, copy-paste, group…) to produce rapidly complex audio effects or full compositions. Unlike other image-to-sound software, HighC uses a vector-based representation: sounds remain individual objects that can be edited, transformed and composed with each other at will. In simple words, HighC is to MetaSynth© what Microsoft PowerPoint© is to Adobe Photoshop©.

HighC draws on 20 years of a world class user interface design experience to provide immediate usability. Complete novices and children understand its base features in a matter of minutes. For instance, novices have used it to create original and unique ringtones and fun “audio pictures”.

HighC is foremost a tool for musicians who look for new sound effects or for an alternative approach to music composition. Its integrated interface encompasses the role of synthesizer, sequencer and mixer. The simple and unified synthesis model underpinning HighC gives access to the most common sound synthesis techniques in a graphical, intuitive and uniform framework: Additive synthesis, Waveshape, various noise-based models, but also FM synthesis, Ring modulation and granular synthesis.

The entry-level version is free and targeted at educational uses: playback is limited to 22 KHz. The pro version, for a fee of 29.99 Euros, allows professionals to use higher quality playback rates and to export their production to standard file formats for editing and remixing using their tools of choice. Registration also provides a year of free updates.
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