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HighC 2.x
HighC 2.x

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Thread HighC 2.75

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1 HighC 2.75
Version 2.75 was released today.

It features numerous improvements, among which the ability to import audio samples stands out.
Hear the demos by U-Study III, Nicosia-Tristia, by Dimitris Sykias and  HighC STUDY No 11.

Other improvements:
  • A new waveform type lets you import an audio file and use its samples as a waveform. This lets you insert and transform complex sounds intuitively to create even richer soundscapes. This is accessible only to registered users.
  • New library of sampled sounds. 35 samples, including classical instruments and drums...
  • Shift + Play plays the viewed area only, not the selection. This lets you work on a section of the piece by zooming on it.
  • Hidden sounds are not exported nor played anymore. This lets you export or here parts of your piece separately. Use in conjunction with tags.
  • Scales are now stored in the library instead of the preferences, making it easier to handle custom scale definitions.
  • Export Selection function
  • Polish localization
  • Printing functionality, enabling export to PDF file format
  • Overview shows the cursor in all views during playback.
  • Set the default pitch of imported sound samples (to correct potential pitch detection algorithm errors).
  • Tune the sampled audio files.
  • Audio file import in the FLAC format. FLAC is a lossless audio compression format that saves about 2/3rds of the original file size.
  • Distribution reduced from 16 to 10Mb.

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