Monoplugs b-step
Monoplugs b-step

b-step, Other Sequencer from Monoplugs.

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monoplugs updates b-step to 1.1

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monoplugs has updated b-step to v1.1 to improve the launchpad usability, MIDI IO handling and better OS and Host support.

b-step comes with a chord editor now, where you can program your own chord set.


  • Add support for OS X 10.5 to 10.8 (Intel).


  • List as instrument in Ableton Live.
  • Remove support on OS X for Cubase (unsolved problems).


  • Add settings editor for MIDI IO.
  • Add pop up for manage MIDI learn.


  • Add chord editor. You can program your own chords or use the defaults.
  • Increase to max 8 repeats per bar (from 4).
  • The target bar will be the selected after drag'n'drop.
  • Bar-repeats, bar-offset, bar-octave will be no more copied by drag'n'drop.


  • Fix timing bug - everything is absolutely sample accurate.


  • Improved the complete launchpad map.
  • Add external MIDI port handling to manage MIDI IO.

MIDI learn:

  • Add multiple controller assignments.
  • Add support for notes as controller.

User Interface:

  • Add rotary to control all duration rotaries.
  • Add rotary to control all velocity rotaries.
  • Reduce UI refresh rate, feels less laggy.
  • Add auto resize if the desktop area is to small.
This video shows a way to control b-step with a launchpad.



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