B.C. Rich Platinum Pro Beast
B.C. Rich Platinum Pro Beast

Platinum Pro Beast, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Beast series.

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gogore 06/23/2005

B.C. Rich Platinum Pro Beast : gogore's user review


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Koreen has a scratched C 24 c of the ferrule humbuckers with three position selector a schoolboy volume and tone of a Floyd Rose tremolo 2nd generation after the wood on sen fout lol c we'll have a handle nail stuck in May prefer a no good lol disadvantage compared to its all scratched pa can have a set neck like the sg lol!
ps: I put the handle is 8 becaufe pa quopn stick and would have preferred more schoolboy tonalite


While the handle phenomenal really easy access to acute right as I lai di c a handle nailed do a remake of sg pa pa nest there too large then it is perfect shape pa penalty if bin den talk to me one of the most c beautiful beautiful form of scratches as seen Frache Jamai g weight is adequate for such a form must acheterune good strap that becaufe derappe pa bc rich like all the stick fell slightly but still a faith it falls below the SG (I nai pa lai sg I just try an expensive Potter) the only thing is that you returned a peak assi dan leg but hey you do if one adopts another form to play in any way we play standing with the scraper
c for the true size for the metal, heavy access on the grave but I find this guitar perfect balance between the acute and severe the medium c lequilibre perfect for me because I Naime pa piercing treble that nest pa dan if this els scratch fever are less present an Auntie that balance all fesant bocoup solo lol I really like her then etan a very special user lharmonique whistled (the piercing its very use by Zakk Wylde and van hauling for example) must be well a temp before being able to produce c pa like a les paul which are almost alone but with a good pedal and the time you get out of stuff to do so micro crazy bc rich pa very very present for harmonic siflfé


It is well suited to my style of playing heavy metal I must say that I will change and even quantitative micro to put an emg 81 active and 85 (c as original) but the micro bcrich really gives a good sound I play with effect pedal and zoom his boss really gives a good marshall amp velvestate frankly I advice to both the bottom and a schoolboy to settle after his amps but autan quen quen saturating light c really sweet and perfect any extraneous noise sounds the acute dun block as the grave and contrary to what could believe the lon sounds really clear sound crystal clear sound pa saturation of unwanted light that gives etsa


I 3 I c the User depui a turi Vou always admired the world and falls a vo piedjadore shape the sound then yes is the floyd one problem we love the floyd c pa or any Dabor labligation dun blocker certe rope that rope do pa Disagree Disagree on May 1 Faith is the shit i need dan blocker lacorder tan loose somehow and then tighten down after laccorder and c and the way that you feel even worse to change a string it must loosen the bottom pui cut the small round tip at the end of the rope to tighten the jam and to all ensuitte reacorder because of the fact that a string is lost from the vibrato in Tirana and therefore disrupt the whole string then just do what's Serage with ClaI Wool has always loses quon the temperature and floyd c because of this a big no-e switch daccordage pulling rope and then c ca disrupts any one real good shit as the principle that the floyd is a complete suspension vibrato can also relax in May tighten the rope so we can push and pull the vibrato so veiled paltinum after the model of the beast will contin pa each vibrato c c c taste as a perpetual revision of the vibrato should set it to tj quil is straight so here's a true May cause the shit was a luthier he Vou the block and all your prbleme seron resolved you may be able to use the Tirre not too good vibrato but you must know qune rope Pette and what is very rarely Disagree very rarely sail for the floyd lol
ayantune months Epiphone Les Paul guitar is bocoup ba-end jai also try a low-end test ltd jai a fender telecaster and a srato grestch and a epiphone sg but these are really the same model in dessou fender are pa fai for the metal in less than tou ca bc rich good if vou want to really carve out a guiter for the heavy metal rock and everything that if Raport Well avheter Vou a gibson or a high-end or esp ltd May Raising a price bocoup more so for the price c goddess she really has nothing to envy to the other in May Maybe micro EMG or DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan will be welcome only if a true bonbe Deffo take this model and you Aurrera and the floyd enddessou take the model (which has the same mechanical pa or the same timber) and Naur Vou pa vibrato veiled knowing that the model den dessou moin bo and color issue in May and painted a good vow to see if the chosen javai I will bein esp if a remake is what I choose