B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock
B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock

Platinum Warlock, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Warlock series.

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MGR/XmetallicaXguitaristX 09/22/2003

B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock : MGR/XmetallicaXguitaristX's user review

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i paid $279 for it on ebay (yeah i know thats cheap but i got it wholesale or w/e and yes....it is a platinum series)i had to save up a while then i bought it (finally) off ebay.I have always loved the look of the warlock, i was thinking about a beast but i saw it in real life and its huge. This model is black.

ok this is gonna be long (lol)......ok first off its black..and awesome shaped. This thing sounds AWESOME and mainly is for metal sounding guitar, and alot of ppl say its sound sucks clean...its not bad i can play plenty of clean songs and it sounds good. When u put a pedal through this baby (and through an equalizer and stuff for maximum "awesomeness") u can really make it sound like.....professional. and OMG it plays SO easy u barely have to press down on the strings. i can play REALLY fast on it and sound like kirk (hammett......duh) lol. wel it is so awesome.

ok im dead serious theres only 1 thing wrong with it..... (not that bad) ok the paintjob is so glossy (only black i believe, if not, black more than other colors)that fingerprints show up easily but if u clean ur guitar (just wipe it off) its fine.

omg the quality is great as i already described.i could drop this thing like REALLY ard and the worst that would happen is the paint chips.

ok this guitar is great....if u are thinking about it......GET IT! im serious.

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