B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock
B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock

Platinum Warlock, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Warlock series.

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MGR/Christopher Ro. 01/08/2004

B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock : MGR/Christopher Ro.'s user review

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I bought this guitar about 6 months ago for $300 at my local guitar center. I got it because I wanted a guitar that was not too expensive, yet still had good quality, and killer looks.

There is many good things about this guitar. First off, I like the price. But as far as the instrament itself...fisr off, playability. TEh action is set very very low on this guitar, enabling one to pplay quickly and accrutly. The hardware itself (excemp for the tremilo) is very good. The Pick up's are great, and the tone is decent. ITs a good guitar to start with, and play in a band too.

What I don't like about it.. fist off.. The tremolo system is GOD AWFUL! That my major qualm.. The stings go out of tune often because of that, and it’s a pain to get the 100% correct tuning with the tremolo system. Playing in Drop D is great! But any lower then that the low E starts to slap the freetborad, and it gets annoying. Another thing, if you change the tuning on one string, chances are the other strings will go out due to the tremolo. Clean tone is not that great, but livable, and the low notes can overshadow the high ones when playing with distortion. And the black finish can get very minor scratches in it, from picking hard, but I guess that’s not a problem with the guitar.

I know it seems like a lot of problems, but its a good guitar really.

The construction is very good overall. I have never had a problem with the neck, tuners, pickup's or any of that. The only thing is the plug for the cable is one that is screwed into a plate on the side of the guitar, and if that nut gets lose, the sound quality drops, and you have to tighten it up, but its not a really bad thing.

But the construction is quite good.

I know it seems like there is a lot of problems, but this really is a fantastic guitar, and with a little bit of care.. and patience.. it will be a great instrument that will last for years.

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