B.C. Rich Warlock Metal Master Tribal Fire
B.C. Rich Warlock Metal Master Tribal Fire

Warlock Metal Master Tribal Fire, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Warlock series.

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bloodjob 08/13/2013

B.C. Rich Warlock Metal Master Tribal Fire : bloodjob's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Agathis body (not necessarily what I prefer), flat handle and relatively comfortable 24 frets, two humbuckers made in bc rich not too bad as versatile a killer look that needs no introduction, the model Kerry King played on stage with Slayer, there was not much to me. Tone, a volume knob, switch 3 poistions and go for the single-neuron triplet!


In use, I would so only subject to the final. The handle is a damn good surprise and even shred the handjob can be considered. My big bear paws can go up to the 24th fret easily. Say it! The look of wild appeal or not, but it is clear that when we say I play metal, I always think of this guitar first. Only fault is that? Trying to mount strings pulling 56-13 and weep. The handle did not like it at all bridges and the bridge were not large enough to receive such cables. Finally, if you are planning tunings two tones below without spaghetti under your fingers will have to checkout and buy wraps around a lil more mechanical in the bluthier to change the bridge. In "normal" tie it stood rather good agreement.


Well, we do not play ballads fireside, unless you like with the timing delay. So, it proves to be rather nice original in all registers, and the original pickups so often criticized by metal purists are ultimately very nice for little that is not difficult. This is obviously something that I quickly changed for a response and fishing more in line with my game Traditionally, this kind of monster is more consistent with active EMG, which I hate, too, I mounted seymour duncan assets significantly less cold but less "powerful" less straight forward. That said, ca severe oats. It really helps to address all styles but the bite of the active micro requires me to have a super clean Thurs And that is not necessarily the foot.


Three years since I played it. It was a lil concert and since I bought it, I put it to new microphones, grover AD mécaniqued purchased sixty euros, significantly more beefy strings (elixir, my favorite brand). I would not recommend this guitar as lovers of the brand. Other complainers who are ca cheap or always gratounettes compare these to what is best in value for money or that I know devraie't rahbiller go and stop playing with christophe maé leut cap fashion. Here, you buy the guitar man, who loves the hairy greasy hair and black.

More séroeusement is a super affordable guitar that can evolve and that is a very good basis for future custom serious. There will be two camps anyway: those who see it with a good and active emg floyd, and others who la.laisseront as is unpretentious. Less than 150 euros in good condition OCCAZ, we find, and it seems to be a great value for money, even new 250 euros. Attention to the teeth at the bottom of the instrument ... by placing it on the ground without protection, paint pete quickly and wood eventually be attacked quickly, ruining the guitar in the long term. Watch out for it if you buy OCCAZ.