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greenkorn 11/23/2004

Cort M200 : greenkorn's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Guitar Bolt with 2 microphones doula, a volume knob, one tone knob and 3 positions. Nothing spcial.


Handle big enough, I have not found a trs heavy compared Lp unlike the other opinion.


The microphones are sufficient for beginners and the sound is not phnomnal.


I bought this guitar without trying it (unfortunately) and especially to its shape and price. When he was in the hands we know why it cost so cheap. It's only a guitar for beginners. Level as microphones and sound level violin. Personal handle on mine n'tait not screwed properly, I had to tighten the screws to fit the agreement.
I kept it about 2 weeks after having changed several times without microphones amliorer guitar. Trs good price but quality up to that price. Ideal for beginners (and even if there are default manufacturing ....) it's not a good guitar.