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quilliande 11/26/2004

Cort M200 : quilliande's user review


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Korean manufacturing 22 frets, humbucker but rotten. Fixed bridge-base. 1 volume and a sharp pickup selector has 3 positions. mache screwed, and unlike any of the other comments, it would


Channel means, but it's going for a first, you just deal with it. For cons, the treble was from the 19 are more difficult to access, but not too read: we can do better now. It weighs just under 2 kg. The sound is mediocre, but I was happy with me (my first scratch).


I can play with tt. tt rabies cases in my 158 (peavey) arranges a little sound (a little).


1 year and 3 months. I like his head with the bottle opener built, and this is my first scratch, so I love him, despite being pourrite. report qualitée / very good price. I think if I had known, I would have taken something else.