Cort M600
Cort M600

M600, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

VelvetShow 11/22/2006

Cort M600 : VelvetShow's user review


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Made in Korea
22 Frets, Mighty Might Humbuckers Cort (rotten!)
3 selectors microphone, a volume knob, 1 tone knob (splitable)
Set neck, flamed table
Very nice guitar close to the PRS in the form

I note also that the violin is excellent as the finishes. The sound is fatal without amp (I mean that the violin is proof)


Handle very nice, fairly thick
Access to acute and easy is good without
The weight is well balanced, that is to say that by wearing it, it looks no more than one side than another! Great ergonomics! Perfect shape! beautiful:] (not as an epi SG!)

There's a split that is effective, well c what is a standard split
The scraper has a few kinks, but I find nothing nasty. I think the varnish layer is too thick and the wood of the handle opposite side has not been treated great. Normal tell me for a scratch of € 400-500 but it's just not perfect ^ ^


It fits my style? yes, I play pop / rock a little new wave, a little metal too, it goes without problem but not what to play with mieu Ca blues goes a little worse because the original pickups are not very bright

I play with a VOX AD50VT and tell you it's really one of the best duo middle ranges as great versatility for the price + quality ... I have not seen better torque lmoment. The guitarist in my band plays with an Epiphone SG and Marshall MG100DFX nivo the fact that the weight;)

Micros origins: his clear way, not bad, just brightness and dynamic! damage. In distortion is much better now, we feel well the personality of the guitar. The sound may be soft-edged sword.

Micros changed (SH1/SH4 SeymouDuncan): (coming soon)

Even with the origins of microphones the sound is not bad at all and I would say "good" thanks to the violin monster: D
attention does not rely on appearances.
This skyscraper was not the sound of a PRS! Not at all! There's a world between the two. It has a well personalitée to her that I appreciate over time


I play it for almost a year. I really like is my second scratch.
A big + for the violin that is truly exceptional at this price.
For guitars of this style I tried in PRS SE series which is still worth 700 euros, and his, um ... say it is better now defines the Cort I think.

Consider changing the mic if you want a beast and you'll ... ALREADY that it is quite ac micro origins

The ratio q / price is great.

I do it again with this choice GRAND PLAIZIR but unfortunately I already have: D: D