Hagstrom Deluxe
Hagstrom Deluxe

Deluxe, Other Shape Guitar from Hagstrom in the Deluxe Series series.

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toto974 10/20/2006

Hagstrom Deluxe : toto974's user review


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This guitar my friends ...
22 meter cargo, 2 humbuckers, set neck volume and tone button
Made in Malaysia
end round so it provides very fast really fast game quite disconcerting


The handle end is really very enjoyable to play we go from severe acute in no time with still a last access to the cargo that requires a little practice
is a relatively heavy guitar but it is fine sitting position because it is very well balanced


I play Led Zep, Jehro (reggae) and the asset is missing from my game
sound very hot to the gibson les paul
and with crystal clear sound trooppp bonnn
I say to you c more than a pleasure to play with
I played with a VOX AD 50 VT
and given the number of amp and effect settings of the guitar (which unfortunately is still quite difficult to have) it turns head only
The grip is really fast and is very very fun to play


I use it for one month and frankly I was not beat that price
and I do it again the same choice
do not trust a beautiful picture on the internet because in real life ... it is ten times more beautiful
the sound is warm round tt is simply magnificent
do it again if I do it again right away
esseill and enter the closed circle Hagstrom