Hagstrom F20T
Hagstrom F20T

F20T, Other Shape Guitar from Hagstrom in the F series.

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rxvt 06/03/2014

Hagstrom F20T : rxvt's user review

«  Genial, but for the price it is missing a figure before! »

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see technical feature on the sites but beware you have to try to understand!!!


PERFECT in all
(The question is easily obtained a good sound I like ... I play on a keyboard amp Calsbro 100 W, grave and acute, the middle and the two buttons is a zero and I rocked!!. specified on an equalizer in the middle mean zero, no db + Hz and no -.. db Hz SOUND OF MICROS PUR veiled sound is already in the microwave ...).


Do not try to understand mad in china ect ... it's AWESOME


The neck, body, spiritual intuitive sound (that is to say without thinking), the weight, it weighs not believe this is not the tieul Poplar! 'Cause poplar is to make round camembert box. translucent cherry color has nothing to do with some of the thingy thing down. It's been two Hagstrom I bought it twice and I fell down on their creations, the other is a Viking Absolutely AWESOME. The other thing I bought Genial that are low GODIN A 4. That same .... since I have twenty twenty guitars and basses that I have not sold well, if I was twenty years ago today, I would buy a Hagstrom. Done ...