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pearlovarius 08/23/2006

Ibanez JTK2 : pearlovarius's user review


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Guitar Made in Indonesia
22 frets, 2 super 58 pickups
volume knob / tonalitbr /> slecteur micro (neck, bridge, bridge + neck), two buttons switch to switch each pickup in single or double coil
round three roomed with rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body. MODEL spcial JTK2


The handle is quite enjoyable, so easy to play on another model possdant the wizzard sleeve, apparently no jumbo frets. the handle is relatively easy to play namoins, Access in Aiges is ais.
The guitar is fairly well equilibrated heavy enough.


Grace the possibility to pass each of the two pickups in single or double coil, we get a sound from the trs round at his most aggressive. The switch rather than against any influence on its saturated. I played with a Line 6 Spider amp and 30 guitar is rather polivalente, I find it one of his strong point, it dbrouuille both styles of blues metal. Trs enjoyable with a reverb. A highlight for me is the quilibrage its microphone, the sound is as good in Aiges in the bass. Some may find it be missing some bass ...


I use it for the past two months. the highlight remains sr report quality price, its original look, sound and versatile micro switch. I think she also has more characters than other ibanez guitars. its micro trs well equilibrated the grave does not kill Aiges. Cot ngatifs points, note that the handle is less enjoyable than other Ibanez guitars, slower. Some Abrate style trs are also surprising, as the "jet king" white on the body, the head too big and logo unreadable and trs ibanez little Aesthetics. The rest is rather neat design may be fine and vintage lgrement not think that looking at the pictures ... The strings of origin are very soft, I count the change, can be useful if added to the characters of his game .. The report quality price (+ / - 250 New) + qu'apprciable is, if you want an ibanez not CHRE pluis vintage look with the other models, this is a will password. Otherwise, the tastes and colors ...