Lâg RX 100
Lâg RX 100

RX 100, Other Shape Guitar from Lâg in the Electrane series.

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jjeanseb 05/25/2006

Lâg RX 100 : jjeanseb's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
ADDITION of 24/05/2006:
For sound, this is a recording of the guitar on a
Marshall MG100DFX (reverb: Alesis microverb3). the sound is authentic, captured by a SM57.
His "ROCK" (guitar volume knob 50%) amp: the "crunch" and background saturation (amp + guitar) for the solo.

https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/index, ProductID, 90638.html ( https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/index,idproduit,90638.html )


I am a regular gibson guitars and very heavy. Premire raction my "want?? they make plastic guitars now??"


Has no special characters. Its happening everywhere. Trs correct.


Two months of use, I am always afraid to break it! I feel that it is a fragile instrument. but I am satisfied. it's a good little guitar CHRE not making great service without breaking the bank.
the shaft is too flexible, as I am often a crude scraper is false by attacking too hard. but it's a shame that price, the matrial utiliss are tops.
I put 8 / 10, for the price, the beauty comfort, finish and sound correct. 2 points in less ... I think it is not a reliable guitar, manipulate and play with prcaution.
That's my opinion. it is what it's worth, is to say not much ... a guitar is a personal item, so it tries and it is consistent with self-same as you buy it or not, with the help of its portfolio ....

ADDITION of 24/05/2006
APRS qqes supplmentaires months of practice: the E string is acute dlog frquemment the nut is really a guitar "anti-gross!"
In re: j'conomiserais a little more and I would take a suprieur MODEL!
ca is confirmed ... this guitar is not reliable.