LTD F-200
LTD F-200

F-200, Other Shape Guitar from LTD in the Standard F series.

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MGR/Dan K 11/19/2001

LTD F-200 : MGR/Dan K's user review

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I bought this excellent instrument at Samash about 2 or 3 months ago. I only paid somewhere around 500 for it!

What's not to like!?! LOOK AT IT!!!!! Dear lord, can you ask for a cooler looking design!?!?! This sexy bitch is an INCREDIBLE metal guitar! But not only that! It's alos good for blues! It comes with a set of EMG HZ pickups which are just insane! The harmonics you can get are great, and I love the warm tones. I'm very big on soloing and i find this neck extremely fast. It's not too thin or too fat, just right. One of the only other necks that can beat this is that of the Ibanez JEM. But i doubt anyone with a normal income is gonna fork over 1500 for that when ya can get a guitar of simular quality for 800 or less.

What I don't like? Only two things. One, i have no tone knob which occationally (very rarely, the tone is excellent) i wish i had and my bridge sorta hates me and goes out of tune quicker than I would like. I tend to play extremely roughly and end up with a detuned G string after a lot of hard playing. No big thing though, tunning is easy.

Quality? GREAT! It has a bolt on neck (common ESP construction), two EMG pickups, a three way switch, a volume knob, a licenced floyd rose tremolo system and locking nut. My model has a gunmetal blue finish (very sexy) on the body and front of headstock. The back of the neck has a transparent finish which isn't sticky.

Bottom line: If you love metal and don't wanna pay 1500 for a top line model go with this guitar! The quality is great! the sound is great! This is an all around kick ass guitar!

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