LTD F-200
LTD F-200

F-200, Other Shape Guitar from LTD in the Standard F series.

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MGR/mike 12/01/2003

LTD F-200 : MGR/mike's user review

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I got it from a friend who broke his hand and he didn't have much of a use for it for a long time so he loaned it to me

the body is awesome, cool design and nice tone. the neck is a bolt on but its nice and smooth. the pickups, EMG's baby! this is also the modle with the ass kicking afterburner so you get gain up and down the yin yang!

2 words: floyd rose. If you're a beginner don't EVER EVER get a guitar with a floyd rose bridge. you need 3 degrees in engineering to change the strings. also, i wish it was neck thru but thems the breaks.

great construction, the body is nice and tough as is the neck but watch out for that floyd rose!

if youre an experienced player, buy a bunch. one of the best guitars ever. if youre a beginner go for a lesser model like the f-100 or f-50

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