LTD F-200
LTD F-200

F-200, Other Shape Guitar from LTD in the Standard F series.

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MGR/locrian75 12/22/2003

LTD F-200 : MGR/locrian75's user review

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The purchase of my fabulous ESP-LTD F-200 Gun Metal Blue was an online purchase from Musicians Friend. I paid $449 for the guitar and $89.99 for the universal F-Series hardshell case.

I'm a Speed metal player, and I gotta admit that the look of this beast is what really pulled me in. After scoping out the outrageous body shape, I was suprised to find out it was only $449. For an ESP! Then I read The specs. I fell in love. 24 EX Jumbo frets-Shark Fin Inlays-Floyd Rose Liscensed Double Locking Floating Tremelo-ESP Tuning Machines to die for(They are so Precise!)-EMG HZ Pickups and once again, the body shape is sooooo cooool!

What I didnt like and what came as a total surprise was the fact that It comes with very limited tonal control. While it does have a three way toggle switch for tone control, The other two knobs are for volume and-surprise, not tone control- but a 20db gain boost. I guess it was designed to apply more output, so your guitar sounds louder if you want it to, when you pull on the knob. I find it clumsy to use and have sufficcient gain from my amplifier and would rather have more tonal control rather than extra gain. However thats not to say that the instrument is without tone! Through the right amp (mine is an Randall RG100SC), It is a beast with full range of tone.

I used to be an Ibanez player and enjoyed the fact that the instrument was so light , unlike a B.C. Rich or Gibson. Let me say that this ESP is not too light nor too heavy, It is a very comfortable and well balanced machine which helped make the transition to ESP a smooth one. The neck may be a bolt on -BUT- the heel(where the neck is bolted on to the insrument)is rounded so it makes shredding at the higher frets a breeze. The overall quality compared to price is acceptable.

While the radical design of the ESP LTD F-200 may not be for everyone, if every guitar were made with such quality for the money there would be no bad buys and every guitar purchaser would be happy. I beleive that I got what I paid for: A well balanced, great looking machine with the "x-tras" that make shredding so enjoyeable.

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