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yacal1 06/17/2011

Music Man Axis Super Sport : yacal1's user review

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Made in U.S., Fixed chavalet Music Man (not a fan of floyd anyway) and through-string. 22 medium jumbo frets. Channel and table in maple, basswood body. Beautiful mottled finish. Two humbuckers DiMarzio custom pickups. 5-way switch (neck, the two central, two humbuckers ensemnble, micro inside neck and bridge, bridge) One volume one tone. Schaller locking tuners. Simple, beautiful, effective. Delivered in box.

Maple neck, button paliasandre, D slightly asymmetrical profile for a comfortable grip and comfort of play rarely equaled. I have some fender or gibson all types. The grip may request an adjustment period but there is comfort direct to any type of play without fatigue.


see above. Comfort rarely equaled and rosewood fingerboard, which I prefer with a radius slightly domed, so strata and slightly asymmetrical profile, which falls well in hand (I have a les paul standard whose handle is asymmetric but much less comfortable)
In addition it is oiled on a satin finish. A treat, even if maintained,
access to acute is easy
The sound is honest, clear, precise, with good grain and good definition (note that the microphones were set incorrectly on mine, too low for the neck pickup and not enough on the brigde. But it soon sorted) .
The sustain is incredible. Agreement, the time to light a cigarette, take two puffs before its partnership with feedback, and mechanical locking Schaller 4-2 (allowing the most extreme bends without déscaccordage)
The pickups are DiMarzio custom, directly derived from EVH. The bridge also gives a strong or a Gibson 500T Seymour Invader SH8,
However, it accepts all types of games from jazz to metal through bluezy crunchy sound much enjoyable.
This versatility is not detrimental to the character as the beautiful (with its quilted maple table) and he must first tame as the amp. This is not a Swiss Army knife for musicen guitar studio.


Any type of sounds. PRS as a wedding was more or less successful depending on the tastes between strata and the paul custom 24, both married the music man and telecaster les paul on the axis. It is not scientifically proven but that's what I felt
So it allows all the well-turned pots that greasy riff to Texas or the big fat hard on families through the morning are hendrixien srv
The position of the selector 2 (5 position December 11, 1122 122 22) is not top for my taste because lack of definition but I will change the wiring for 11,112 22, 122 22)
I have not found pulling rope of origin (9-46) very appropriate and I asked him for Ernie Ball in rock n roll from 10 to 52, I think it sounds better but this is a question to taste
I was playing on Marschll JVM 410H or Line6 Spider Jam. All the lights in all transistors, no problem, the character is there. Note that it's going very well also on computer through an external sound card and a prog like AmpliTube 3


I use it for a month and is immediately reached the top 5 of my guitars (I have a score) just behind a Start and a Custom Les Paul Custom 57 Goldtop. Downgrading my PRS and in 6th position and returning to a depot Ibanez sale
So I tried and own many guitars, some bored me very quickly but this one (for his character, his "versatility" in my tastes) is very inspiring