Music Man Stingray 2
Music Man Stingray 2
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MGR/The General 11/10/2002

Music Man Stingray 2 : MGR/The General's user review

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I got this bass from Guitar Crazy, which is in Sydney, Australia. I bought it because i was told that it was one of the greatest basses my friend had ever played, so I figured I should try it, and he wasn't wrong! In Australia, you should pay anywhere in between $3000 - $3500 for a Stingray.

Everything. This bass has killer tone. Through my amp, which is an Ampeg, I have never heard such beauty. It has a more middy sound than anything else, but it can be pushed to either side of the scale really well. The action is so amazingly low! This thing is probably the easiest bass in the world to play, and combined with it's awesome, raspy tone, it's no less than perfect says I. It's also probably one of the best slap basses in the world too. You can do anything on this. Tapping ain't a problem.

The only thing that i didn't when i first bought was that the strings were a bit worn. But thats because people were always walking through the shop, picking it up and having a go. And rightly so I say. BUt the strings were easily changed, just negotiate a free pair of strings with the store guy. After paying a cool $A3250, i'm sure a free set of strings shouldn't be too hard to come by.

It's a very simple bass. Which is useful when you don't have time to fiddle around with set-up. It has a 3-way EQ, with optional piezo, which can actually make quite a bit of difference to tone. It has a Maple neck, with a matching headstock. It comes in a huge range of colours for the body, as well as the pick guard.

Two words. Utterly Awesome. If anything ever deserved a five out of five (and there are plenty of them here) it's the MusicMan Stingray. Bloody incredible tone, easiest thing to play in the world, it doesn't get much better than this people. If you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket, take a trip down to your local music store and try one of the out. It's worth it.

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