Music Man Stingray 2
Music Man Stingray 2
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Papyzen 05/31/2006

Music Man Stingray 2 : Papyzen's user review


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Late 60's, Lo FENDER sold its Socit (manufacturer and the Tlcaster Stratocaster) and the name Fender CBS remaining consultant. At 70, CBS shall decide to make the chain of production and Tl dtriment Start at the quality. Lo FENDER objects and leaves CBS with its best craftsmen. In revenge, CBS gets to court that Lo Fender never be able to use his name to sell his own guitars. Lo FENDER shall decide to launch the MusicMan guitars (brand bought by Ernie Ball 83). Lo FENDER shall decide by raction, to the top of all that he did pr cdemment, the continuity of the Start by correcting its weaknesses and the amliorant again, without looking at the new guitar will be called cot.Cette STINGRAY. This is the "STRATOCASTER" made by FENDER ULTIMATE!
The Stingray has a handle of the Start. The Stingray 2, the handle type Tlcaster.
Fender has been rated, rating, 2 X 2 single coils of the Stratocaster utiliss for Start sounds and sounds like Humbuckers, for fans of Gibson guitars. A prampli active, the first ever held a guitar, powered by 9 volt battery, adding treble and bass instead of cutting them like on other guitars. Of "peoples-pieces" micro (micro dots) much larger for better capture even with vibrations of the strings trs fine. Phase switch on / off and phase HUMBUCKER for sounds like Gibson. Strings through the body and no vibrato, sustain a thundering.
When the "STINGRAY" was released, all opinions were unanimous that does sound PHENOMENAL silent .... but the price the silent too. As a prototype car has not o look at the cost of design and matrial, but that is too expensive to be widely marketed. This is what happened and the "STINGRAY" is out that 8000 copies before disparatre as too expensive! (When he left, with the price, you could buy a Stratocaster, a Gibson more)
It remains a rarity or Exceeds all strato tlcaster, (as was FENDER Lo) and few have had the pleasure to test an extreme. This is the dernire "Stratocaster" t have made a handmade and no notion of economy. The last of the great ralisations Lo FENDER.


A super race of Tlcaster with a varnish that facilitates end the game end or fast. I spend with ease of musical parts that gave me trouble even on my other guitars (Gibson SG, Epiphone Sheraton, Ibanez quarter cash AFS75T, Yamaha Pacifica) is the handle that I prferre! 22 frets and Access in an acute no problem! The sound is wonderful and easy to get: the 4-position switch, one volume knob, a button adding acute mountain streams add a button, +, on two central positions, the ignition switch causing the typical sound well known my SG Gibson.
on the other hand, Fender does not look to the wood (maple) and the guitar is quite heavy, much more than Tlcaster or Yamaha, but not more than my Shraton.


Extreme versatility given the range of sound qualit.Avec double coil "neck", the sound softer or crystalline depending on SETTING THE tonalitcomme stratum). With double coil "bridge", treble the most aggressive and powerful (as in tlcaster). Me, playing mainly Blues, I am filled with the sound record.
I use an amp with Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube who does is certainly not, but when that fills even though his office trs.
I am considering buying a tube amp Fender Hot Rod style, Peavey Classic for another "magnify" the sound.
The sound quality is so much that I never tire of it and forgot to use my prampli modlisation. V Amp Berhinger. (It no longer uses gadgets when you have the chance to ride in a vintage Rolls)


I bought this wonder there is a little over a month to enchres on ebay!
A reputable business because his is not well known by the majority of experts and, therefore, the MODEL is little demand. This is a chance for true lovers!
I love its comfort, sustain its sound, its ease of adjustment, and the myth that REPRESENTATIVES in the history of Fender guitars and electric.
I like less weight heavy enough.
I'm 60 and I play since the age of 14. The electric guitar I had in my long life as a guitarist are in order: a Klyra a Hhner a Rickenbaker, two in the 60's Stratocasters, a Gibson Les Paul, another Stratocaster 72 and Tlcaster one, and now I have a Gibson SG, an Epiphone Shraton, an Ibanez 1 / 4 box with Bigsby vibrato AFS75T, and a Yamaha Pacifica. I tried a PRS CE24 rcemment who sustain and, with the rotary switch, sounds quite similar those of my "Stingray 2". But of all these guitars, each with their quality, their default, their charm, and I use all take turns, it is the "Stingray" that excites me the most. I RALIS a fourth and remains without any regret.