Stigma 08/02/2004

Music Man Axis : Stigma's user review


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-Made in America
-22 Boxes, 2 DiMarzio humbuckers van halen (not found in commerce, except on the guitars of Van Halen)
Musicman-floyd "lower pitch only" (no possibility to go to high) licensed floyd rose
3-position switch, one volume knob. no tonalitbr />-Bolt magnificent bird's eye maple
Flamed maple top, very, very large qualitbr />
Curiously, the small number of possible settings on the guitar in his favor:
Floyd-the only lower pitch is terrible, the tuning is perfect (do not even go out of tune if a string pete!), Is given a very simple unlike a classic floyd, promotes sustain
-The volume knob is very effective, and I who played very little with the knob on my LP, I shall adjust frequently with my sound! Tone of the knob is missing absolutely not.


It is a race car: it is surprising that plans came back to play, the reputation of the sleeves is longer musicman! MUST try!
Access to acute-perfect (I confess that I did not even pay attention, as has depressed me to play the high notes on my LP, all the same I have not been paying attention!)
Ergonomics impeccable guitar very slight, rather small, not very thick, has an indentation at the sides (plus a nice indentation right arm and as effective!) And very easy to play sitting (a change from the LP!)
-The low number of settings is very easily found the sound we are trying


I mainly play rock and hard rock or progressive rock and this guitar is perfect for this kind of music!
I use a Marshall JCM2000 TSL601 with (that I intended to change, but since I have this guitar I rediscover my amp!) And a Boss DS-1 (excellent pedals by the way;)
Be obtained very easily sound very rock, van halenien, this guitar has a very special grain (high-quality microphones in distortion. It also has a very good clear sound is a guitar that combines versatility sound very typ!


I have used it for about 2 months now
"I love enormment things about this guitar: the floyd, the handle, the sound comes out enormissime, aesthetics course (hard not to fall in ecstasy before an axis! They are all different!) the volume knob of incredible efficiency ...
"I tried many guitars, and for me does not hold a candle to this axis!
-Indeed, it is a bit expensive, but for the price of a gibson, I think not qu'ya photo, I took by far the axis ...
-This guitar is, and I think will remain my n1. If I were given the possibility to redo my choice, I would do the same!