KirKill 11/01/2011

Music Man Axis : KirKill's user review


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For specs all is said I have nothing more to add except that: mother of pearl inlays on the button with more style and can be a binding around the neck might have been more fun because there to the stroke is a little gross after it is a matter of taste
The D-Tuna is not delivered as the original EVH provide € 55 and more
The pickup selector (action type telecaster left to right) is a bit hard
Mine is with rosewood fingerboard
The Musicman flight case is a standard that is to say that this is not a special flight AXIS, you can put other scratches musicman
The stem of floyd / vibrato is referred to the back it's not a rod on a pivot like Floyd lo pro ede of the blow is a bit noisier, still on the floyd / vibrato design seems interesting but less well over a lo pro edge, it moves a little
For the two microphones were not available in custom Dimarzio catalog based on the equivalent would be a Dimarzio Air Zone and Tone Zone therefore Alnico 5 there after discussions on the old mic that had Mr EVH custom wound Duncan also hand ... Alnico II and that he also appreciates the Ceramic brief ...


The neck is super comfortable patent is not limited, "it slides Alice ..." I understand better why Ashba with several rounds of these pumice AXIS Gibson now
The vibrato / floyd is a little less flexible than a hard Floyd lo pro edge
The balance of the guitar is perfect the more it weighs a feather queudalle
The possibilities of the guitar is a limited 3-position selector button and a volume not need to do additional math option with the big bang theory brother Bogdanoff, my personal side I like the stripped


I wanted a modern skyscraper, and I can say I'm used to the brim do you want here's my boy ... P is cold and clear the sound is really clean
Against scratches by modern = modern rock thus the vintage stuff is on an amp bof type mesa, engl, randall ... I think it has to kill
against by the other registry blue, rock bah 70 then I think it means I prefer a SG, a Les Paul, a Tele or Start, on the other hand I have not taken for that, it is reserved for plans for Sixx AM, Megadeth, Metallica, Dream Theater ... and it is the right shovel there's no mistake about it
As against the micro split config environment I do not use it I do not like her at all


The quality / price € 2400 in nine is a scam against on occasion for less than € 1400 in impeccable condition then I say OK
With the experience I will not go over this choice is a purchase favorite from my love from beginning to know the metal
Since it was sold to a happy owner, I found it bland and boring compared to my more vintage guitars after is a matter of feeling ... (Oh yes ... Richard Cocciante) but still great I broke it and I really enjoyed the experience