Parker Guitars Fly Classic
Parker Guitars Fly Classic

Fly Classic, Other Shape Guitar from Parker Guitars.

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vnetstudio 02/10/2014

Parker Guitars Fly Classic : vnetstudio's user review

«  The best purchase of my life! »

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ditto the configurations of other users


Totally consistent with other reviews!
I confirm the questionable position pickup selector.
I added the management of the 9V battery, failure is direct and therefore difficult to manage live (access hatch screwed!).
Finally, the output level and / or high impedance makes use of some preamps a little tricky when they have no suitable input (hi-z).
Caution: having a leaf spring spare vibrato, possibly because it is the breaking points ... but hey it's just qques €.
The really strong point: NEVER go out of tune! vibrato, temperatures, humidity ... nothing works


Totally consistent with other reviews! => Happiness flexibility without limits, and without the weight.


I almost buy the usa for $ 2,700 (€ when the was under $), then a few months later, I found Used to Paris for an amazing price ... the best deal ever!
I intend to offer him a set in seymour duncan-and if fortune knocks at my door, I find him a little sister!