Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe

Fly Deluxe, Other Shape Guitar from Parker Guitars.

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timeofsilence 11/26/2017

Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe : timeofsilence's user review

« I will never play a different guitar »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I bought my Fly Deluxe used at a Guitar Center in Arlington, TX. It had a huge scratch on it and was not in the best of shape. It was priced right and I could afford it, so having always wanted one I bought it. I have sold it twice since then and went to buy it back the next day, every time. My poor Parker Fly is barely hanging on though. It still plays like a dream, the neck is perfect. I'm plagued by a pesky buzz. They said that the DiMarzio pickups sounded thin and they do, they sound very nasal if that makes sense. I've been told that the pickup selector switch could be bad, thus the buzz. USM sent me a new/used switch and no one in the Dallas area was willing to try to install it. Its a 12 pole switch and its soldered to a ribbon connector. I tried gutting the electronics and hard wiring the pickups to a simple 3 way switch. I ended up putting the original electronics back in. Even with all its problems, this will be the last guitar I ever buy (unless I buy another Parker Fly). Now they're hard to find but I've always got an eye out. If you have the means to buy a Parker Fly then I would suggest you do. The P series and the new PDF series are not the same thing. I feel like the pre-refined are more desirable but the USM made series are just as good.

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