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Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
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« Parker Fly Deluxe »

Publié le 01/08/04 à 15:00
I bought it when I was overseas (Hong Kong) for $13 000 hkd. (around $1600us) I was looking for a thru-neck guitar with 24 frets, piezo and NO locking bridge. There weren't much choices. I looked into Carvin and Parker. I ended up choosing Parker even though it costs almost twice of the Carvin I was looking into because it feels so good to play.

Super light-weight, very smooth neck, easy access to upper frets (compared to my les paul), smooth tremolo, stays in tune really well and looks awesome. (ice blue colour.)
The two toggle switches (one for normal magentic pickups-2 humbuckers and one for piezo/combination of piezo + magnetic pickups) and three knobs (piezo volume, mag volume and mag tone) with coil split do not end up with a whole bunch of switches on the guitar. (The Carvin models I saw had 4 knobs and 3 toggle switches.)
The sound is well balance and clear even with heavy distortion, lower end in particular.
The metal reinforced neck and carbon fibreglass fretboard keep intonation perfect. The guitar comes with a tension plate for 10s (It came with 9s strings) so there's no need for checking intonation when changing strings of different gauges.

It didn't come with a hardcase even though the Levys' softcase it came with was good. I expect a guitar costing over $1500us to have a hardcase.

Quality and workmanship is top notch. The body's very thin and contoured so it's very comfortable to play. It came with Dimarzio pickups, which are okay, but I might change them later.

It's a great guitar and I absolutely love it. I don't know if it takes that much money for a guitar of this good quality and playability, but I definitely don't regret buying it.

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