PRS SE Custom
PRS SE Custom

SE Custom, Other Shape Guitar from PRS in the SE series.

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tjon901 10/17/2011

PRS SE Custom : tjon901's user review

« Budget version of the most popular PRS »

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PRS is a high end guitar maker known for their expensive guitars. They have been around since the late 70s making professional level guitars and many big names have taken to them. They have pretty unique design and their fit and finish is excellent. They are always evolving their guitar designs and that separates them from other big guitar makers who just constantly reissue the same models year after year. They recently introduced their SE line of guitars made overseas. These guitars sell for about 700 bucks and have a lot of the same features has the USA made models. This is the SE model based off of the PRS Custom 22 one of their most popular models along with the 24 fret version. A lot of cost is saved with the tops of these guitars. The tops are flat for ease of construction and the flame is from a veneer instead of having to use a thick piece of flamed maple. It has the traditional 25 inch PRS scale length on a 24 fret maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. It has PRS's wide thin neck and two PRS in house pickups. There is a master tone and master volume with a 3 way toggle switch that is unusually placed. The bridge on this model is the PRS style wraparound bridge. If any other company put out a guitar with a bridge like this I wouldnt expect it to intonate but PRS makes it work somehow.


These guitars are some of the best playing guitars for less than 1000 dollars. They may not look like it but they can be real shred guitars. All the parts work well together. The 25 inch scale with the wrap around bridge intonates perfectly which is pretty amazing considering its such a simple design. The feel of the 25 inch scale is nice and gives you a bit reduced string tension without losing much clarity and snap. One thing I dont like is where the pickup selector is placed. I wish it was closer to the rest of the electronics.


PRS uses their own pickups in these SE models. They are alright but a swap with some aftermarket pickups might be needed. The pickups are hot and clear but are nothing special. The guitar overall has a slightly bright tone to help with the clarity. The bridge pickup is nice and crunchy. You can get a wide open classic rock tone with it in this guitar, kind of like a hot rodded PAF. The neck pickup is also pretty bright. It is not the type of neck pickup I prefer I usually prefer a smoother neck pickup, but the brightness helps keep the clarity going. So many lower end guitars come with muddy pickups. With this you can still hear whats going on even if they may be a little bright.


These guitars are great for a beginner or even intermediate player looking for a great all around guitar without having to shell out big bucks for a USA made PRS. Most of the parts that effect the tone and feel of the guitar are pretty much the same. Having a veneer doesnt make a guitar sound bad but it can save tons of money. With a swap of decent pickups this guitar can give any USA made PRS a run for its money.