PRS SE Santana - Black
PRS SE Santana - Black

SE Santana - Black, Other Shape Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

Slim_herve 06/26/2005

PRS SE Santana - Black : Slim_herve's user review


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Manufacturing Coren (in CONTRL amricain (like bombs from Saddam, what))
Body and mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
22 frets two PRS humbuckers two drivers (ie not and split)
MODEL I chose the quip of a PRS tremolo
A volume a tone slecteur three positions
The handle is wide enough and profile plutt round (Les Paul as plutt Start)


The handle is a delight for aficionados of Gibson, but will scare users strats or Musicman thinner sleeves and flat
Access in acute facilitated by a heel and a little pais dcoupe profile in the Horn infrieure
Ergonomics is tudie, for my part I find the game sitting is possible, easier than a Les Paul for example. The weight is relatively consquent, but it's lighter than a Les Paul (it still!)
The sound is the dpart Submitted, trs hot on the grave, and trs prcis in intermdiaire edged sharp!


I play bluesy rock accents, so it suits me really well
I play with my usual set, three amplifiers simultaneously and moults effects
It sounds warm and round trs in the Hot Rod Deluxe, and much more aggressive in the JCM 900 is what I was looking for!

Last day 06/05:
I just change the pickups for a PRS Vintage Bass neck, which provides an even more hot rocks 70's. PRS HFS treble and a bridge in giving a true power riffs and solos in a micro killer!
Using the possibilities of the two microphones splitage gives a greater range of sounds is that of happiness!


APRS one year of use even when I should put a BMOL on my opinion on this guitar.
I MODEL with vibrato, and playing with ropes pulling 12/54, and despite a change in the spring vibrato guitar do not want the agreement with such a firing (though the guitar can quip es a vibrato by the way), so I tried 11/52 but the problem remained, so I ended up blocking my vibrato!
Conclusion: those who use strong string ties, should select the MODEL without vibrato.