PRS SE Santana - Black
PRS SE Santana - Black

SE Santana - Black, Other Shape Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

supernarvalot 01/05/2004

PRS SE Santana - Black : supernarvalot's user review


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Guitar bill Corenne PRS licensed US
22 frets, 2 HB (EMG parat licensed it) and a vibrato
CONTRL 1 volume, 1 Tone slecteur 3 positions
gibson type neck (much less fat)


The touch of the handle is enjoyable thanks to the patent
the grip is comfortable, the game pretty easy, Access in acute trs is good
the weight is reasonable (no lumbago after 1 hour at home gibson)


The sounds of humbuckers are good but be exceptional.
The microphone allows for serious sound good on fender jazz and other roland JC 120 and can be hard to tease no problem with the microphone in an acute branch marshall all lamps
Shame not to have intermdiaires positions (for funkers and fans of SRV)
But tinkering a bit (add some splits), has arranged without problem.


APRS jou have Ibanez on for 2 years, I finally a (real) guitar but I still think changing pickups (seymour probably).
The report quality price, however trs good (I bought about 850 2 years ago)
It was the sound gibson (I'll do the followers of rler gibson) for two times cheaper and especially for the weight of a fender (yes, they do not care about the world, gibson, on this point- l.
And the finish is trs honnte while on other guitars much Chres and heavier ... ;-)