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  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez GAX30"


    I recieved this for my b-day when it was on sale at samash for 149$, list price 219$. This is my first guitar, but my expectations were still high. I had already played on the 48th street custom Fender guitar (a 'beaut by the way) I was not expect…

  • Schecter S-1 Elite

    Schecter S-1 Elite - "Schecter Diamond Series S-1 Elite"


    I got a $100 gift certificate for Xmas to our local Guitar Center. I wasn't planning on buying a guitar--I needed some strings, couple guitar stands, maybe a mike--you know, boring stuff. While I was there, I started checking out the guitars and made…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - "Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special"


    Purchased from Sam Ash in Cleveland for $570. I have had this instrument for about 5 weeks now. First off I don't write reviews. This will be my 1st. I just feel it necessary to get the word out about this one though. I have been playing for a littl…

  • Fender Deluxe Cyclone II

    Fender Deluxe Cyclone II - "Fender Cyclone II"


    Local guitar store, new. Love the look, love the sound, love the feel. The Pickup switches are the only thing I don't like on this thing. They're in a bad location and I think a toggle switch would be more practical. I've only had it a few months…

  • Schecter Stargazer

    Schecter Stargazer - "JCX Stargazer"


    i knew a guy hard up for cash, i bought it for like 40 bucks, originally probably was about 99. I expected it to be worthless, but would be nice to have around my dorm room. I gotta say, this is cool. Stays in tune nicely, plays really fast and extr…

  • Ibanez AX125

    Ibanez AX125 - "Ibanez AX125"


    I bought this guitar from local guitar shop for £275 it was meant to be £300 i bought it cause it rules!!!!! This is a great guitar well worth the money iv had it awhile now and no problems the downtuner is kool you just flick the switch to downtune…

  • B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock

    B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock - "B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock"


    I went to guitar center, hooked it up to an amp, and loved it. Paid $170. It's my first guitar, so I don't really know what is good or bad about it compared to other guitars, but I think it is very good so far. I like everything about it. There is …

  • Washburn G-10V

    Washburn G-10V - "Washburn G-10V"


    http://www.fretland.com I liked the guitar $299 I like the pickups (EMG), the trem and the fretboard. There is not a lot I do not like about this guitar, since I am a big fan of Washburn Washburn pickups designed by EMG Washburn Wonde…

  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez GIO"


    i was in france at the time and i saw it at the back it was looked great and it looked great it was £150 cheep!! i like the look of the guitar red with a white scrach board and the tremalo bends really well i normaly switch it to the humbucker pick …

  • Washburn X20B

    Washburn X20B - "Washburn X20-Series"


    I ran accross this Washburn by accident. I was actually looking to buy a new amp at musiciansfriend.com I have a "Harmony" (strat-clone)which looks identical to other brands that are alot more expensive. I have done alot of research trying to underst…

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