Vox Standard 25
Vox Standard 25
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TheJeff666 10/18/2013

Vox Standard 25 : TheJeff666's user review

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the Custom series and Standard Vox were built and marketed by Matsumoku (approximately) between 1979 and 1983. The Standard 25 is the strat copy Vox at the time, it's "input" end, there was also a Custom series. Good violin, the guitar has not changed in 40 years.
- Maple bolt-on neck 25'' 22 C profile cases a thin
- Key (relative) radius maple 10''
- Body ... Maple also
- Fender vintage vibrato types
- Mechanical oil bath, unknown brand
- Single-ply plate a little cheap (but has aged superbly)
- 3 single Dimarzio FS1
- 5-way switch
- Volume 1, two tones
Body is thicker and chunkier than a strat, the typical head of the old Vox found. The beast weighs 5kg500 on the balance ...


The neck is relatively thick with a fairly flat key, I love this guitar because I use it exclusively in its clear and allows me to be more specific.
Ergonomics and access to acute, well it is a strat .... what else?
For weight against, 5kg500 all maple is extremely heavy ... deconseiller in the featherweight and girls. Big mandatory and difficult for me to strap ensure a complete set with this guitar (though I am quite tough).
For sound, and maple 5kg500 40 years of age well, and although you can hear it ... RESONANT very empty, with more than a Start low and presented a sharper attack, yet it remains in the mind like strat ....


I bought this guitar fitted with a set of Bare knucle slowhand in neck and middle and bridge in a trilogy, with an electronic retouched ... And I saw a great love affair with. Compared with several very good strat U.S. and other, more body and bass, less dug in the medium, and "slamming" boggles the attacks in the clear. Grain, soul, heat, but still accurate, I reconciled with the intermediate micro (superb), bright and clear treble but not pervasive, and deadly accuracy never lose feeling and musicality.
Bottom line with these free attacks (he must learn to tame, it's a guitar that you caress with many shades), this is my preferred guitar for light and subtlety (arpeggio, rhythmic, jazz ...), plus it stands alone in the mix. With these maple 5kg and these pickups great, that side snapping and precise, it is also my guitar predilection for that I need a textured sound with great effect, it never fades with excess reverb, of delays, phaser or other, and is still easy to mix
Overdrive Basically, I'm having to send large rock riffs mixing triads and complex chords (7th, 9th, 11th, decreased or increased) and everything passes without being messy ... I love ....


Used for 3 years with an intense whenever I play satifaction, I do not lacherais this one. Everything I like about this guitar, even weight. great value for money prices. if you saw one cross your path, especially not to miss.
When to redo choice .... I would like to find a standard or custom 24 ...