Vox Standard 25
Vox Standard 25
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BigB 05/19/2009

Vox Standard 25 : BigB's user review


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Guitar made in Japan by Matsumoku between (roughly, it is difficult to cross-check information) 1979 and 1983. It is a strat-like (without being a carbon copy - the body is more stocky than a strat), handle (screw) in D (thick enough) in maple, maple fingerboard, Fender standard pitch (25.5 inches, hence the '25 'in the name).

I have not yet confirmed for the body but given the weight (the monumental - in addition, a Les Paul is a pen, and even the Custom 24 is lighter) of the gear is either maple, is the melting (from the color of what I saw wood and sustain, I lean towards the maple ... but will know).

For the rest, that any of a stratum: bridge / tailpiece / vibrato style Fender, three simple, typical 5-way switching, 1 volume, 2 tone (neck and middle).

Obviously the solid, and - to a 'violin' type Fender (ie the mechanic) - instead of good quality. Less than 1 per cons for plasticky in the saddle with two bullets, this shovel deserved better.


The neck is really thick (we like it or not, for the moment I have a little trouble), and large frets and fairly prominent (same). It should appeal to fans of Texas blues. For my part, I have a little trouble to myself, but hey, I did that for three days, I've never had a Start, it's been 20 years since I played on the Custom 24 which is very different from this point of view, so it's normal that I must certainly an adjustment period. And given how pleased I am to play it (as to put me to love the clear sound, which certainly surprise those who know me), I do not think this is unacceptable.

In terms of weight, see above: I thought I had the heaviest guitar world with the Custom 24, Blowin as this proves to be even heavier. Dos fragile refrain. For the rest, well balanced guitar, access to very acute correct for this type of "Violin" (talk about a Fender violin is like talking to a woodworking Ikea ...).

The guitar already sounds good without being plugged in, we feel there is a good ground wood to sustain, and slammed a maple neck. Once plugged ... Bin is not, it's a Start ... and good.


In terms of sound ... Bin, I never _eu_ (owned) of Start, but I have played some (including who must now worth a fortune - models of the early 70s), and if you can not honestly compare Standard 25 to top of the top stratos old, she is clearly the height of the average production over the past 20 years, and far ahead of the strata of "entry level".

For the rest, one branch (in a tube amp of course), you play it sounds. Full of nuance, fluidity and sustain a very beautiful grain, efficient and well-knobs progressive (no symptom 'on / off'), true happiness, to the point of making me love the clear sound ... Round and warm, very musical, the neck pickup a little more aggressive (but not aggressive) on the middle pickup, and sounds good on the crystalline intermediate positions. Low (well. .. the lower midrange, there has never been lower on a guitar) are present but well defined, the midrange singing and warm and bright but without acute ears pierced ... Only the bridge pickup is a little disappointing (a little loud and not too corp). Honestly, I saw more amazing, but usually shovels now worth such a price that you wonder if it's justified. I also tried shovels to 1200 euro could get dressed in comparison. Clearly, the limit here is the pickups (DiMarzio and as far as I know), but more honest.

With a small OD (ts-09) to heat the amp, it starts to cruncher on the attacks, it takes a bite, but preserving all the nuances of the game, and we gleefully attack the directory texas blues. And pushing the lamps of the amp, it rocks evil without becoming rough, precise attack, warm sound and sustain large, always maintaining the nuances of the game

In short, for the price worth the animal is already more than adequate "out of the box, and I think with microphones few notches above, it can become a real killer.


It's only been three days since I - I will probably say more in a few months. But I had the opportunity to play on a lot of scoops in the last 30 years, and I feel clear that I'm not about to get tired of this one instead.

Even if I paid a bit pricey given its side (totally ridiculous in terms of the quality of the instrument and its rarity) and condition (the frets are flinguées limit - fortunately, there are material applanissage therefore should be sufficient - and there are two big CSWS on the varnish of the key), for 300 euros is good value for money rather exceptional. Including a hundred euros a luthier (frets, retouch varnish and bone nut), it's still a very good deal, no problem.