Vox Standard 25
Vox Standard 25
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Alioucha 04/21/2007

Vox Standard 25 : Alioucha's user review


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If it is in good condition, there is no hsiter. The VOX Standard 25 look like a Start, operates as an Ibanez, and sounds like a Gibson! Jai bought mine in Japan in 1998 USD 1200 to Pawnshop. Its a black version with scratchplate crme, classic. The serial number is 103xxxx.
My copy dates from 1979. Thats the guitar sound more flexible than jai ever heard. She does it all: Jazz, Blues, Rock Sound gross trs mic own trs clear. At the same time, if you put the volume to 8, we get an incredibly hot! I think this sound is of the DiMarzio pickups and body weight. We feel there quil wood. We recover the sound of the 70s, with lots of sustain.
The sound is even better if you use a Vox amp lamp.


APRS 25 years, he had even when I change the frets. Jen I used to change the Tail, squeaky. We must put a thread with a brass argle the problem. Usually jOperation a Stratocaster, but these last years, I nUse almost more than the Vox. It is much better than Diban $ 1500.


A guy on my CTE is offered $ 1200 for this guitar, but I do not sell because it sounds good and works like a Start (And there is, bad)
If in addition you love the look of Strats, but not all operating sounds that go with it, does not seek further!


has been five years since I travel with it for more than fte beer from Munich, and smoke
of a lot of bars, not always in his house. Obviously she has just twenty years without Repair Tool (just the frets) and is party to over twenty.
Although the Start quil marrive OF USE, if I make a deuxime disk jOperation the Vox for the stamps and Tone. She is beautiful, it is rare, it makes you want to play
Voil Max. arpond your questions?

Joey. 06/27/2006 00:24