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Gemini Audio KultComp

KultComp, Other CD & Sound Bank from Gemini Audio.

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Gemini Audio Updates KultComp

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Gemini Audio has added "NL" programs and PEAK versions to the "KultComp" library and changed its sound.

Gemini Audio has updated KultComp, a Compressor/Limiter/DeCompressor Library for Acustica Audio's Nebula3. All programs are now available in PEAK detection mode (faster reaction) and EVF 17 detection mode (regular). Also the AHEAD values have been improved and new "NL" programs (Nebula Compressor Lite) programs were added.



  • Nebula Library that features DeCompression.
  • New compression behavior compared to older compressor releases
  • Includes Soft Knee Compression.
  • Includes Combo programs (All ration within one program with interpolation).
  • Extended release times for all programs (Up to 10 seconds instead of the original 2 seconds).
  • Includes HQ versions of all programs (Using the TIMED engine).
  • Includes HP versions of all programs (Internal high pass filter).
  • Includes SC versions of all programs (For external side chain).
  • Includes NC versions of all programs.
  • Includes NL versions of all programs.
  • Includes PEAK versions using the PEAK detection mode.
  • 96 and 44.1kHz.
  • Consists of 879 programs.
  • Library size 2.18GB.
  • Requires Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro or Nebula Server.



It's currently available for €30 ($38).

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