Taylor  GS Mini
Taylor GS Mini

GS Mini, Other Steel String Guitar from Taylor in the GS Mini series.

Claudeze 04/27/2012

Taylor GS Mini : Claudeze's user review

«  Taylor GS Mahogany mini »

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Everything has been said about the features, my version is the model mahogany.
I note a peculiarity in the violin: the complete absence of dams in the background, very curved (rolled so strong, and given the small size it was obviously technically possible). Another point, there were savings on the sealer, so the satin varnish (especially the neck) is "porous" and therefore not a slip copy (it should be smoothed over time).
Most important, the pitch is reduced, it also reduces string tension, this is why the original drawing is medium (bronze strings elixir). Especially not to go on a shooting less, the guitar loses volume and precision (and increasingly, the truss rod should be reviewed).


Shape of the handle nice, light guitar but unbalanced (the handle is heavy).
Very good ergonomics, very enjoyable to play (as in the template, it is a 3/4, it is not far from the standard size, so it's not a toy).
The sounds are THE highlight: volume, balance, bass ... you do not get tired!
Version of mahogany, I find baffling projection for the size and type of wood (I assume version spruce ...) although this version is more suitable for finger picking.
The spectrum is very balanced, with superb mids.


This guitar is untyped, it is suitable for all playing styles and music. Even an energetic strumming does not scare him, but she found the finger really fit, by the beautiful balance of all frequencies.


I use it constantly since I bought, and I own many guitars (martin, yamaha, takamine). She became my favorite guitar in front of six or seven times more expensive ...
The semi rigid cover is beautifully crafted.
on the other hand, the microphone is optional in my opinion an argument purely commercial, highlighting the ease of assembly but: its not terrible, took quite high and huge feedback (it's a single coil pickup, you must love this kind of stuff on an acoustic). I have my own sound system with a micro under the saddle. She would win again with a double (and nut case) because the sound here is higher than the acoustic amplified sound, which is not always the case!
I think the mahogany version of "correct" version that has not spruce (low balance) because of the template. I'll test version spruce and why not buy more of it! (Theoretically superior for projection)
Great guitar, especially for the price.