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Thread How low can I go??

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1 How low can I go??
I'm looking to do some simple recording of acoustic gtr. into my beige Mac G3. I'll be using ProTool Free to do the actual mixing and have done tests with a friend's mixer and mics and everything works well. My question is can I get decent results (amateur-level recordings to burn to CD) from a low-cost Behringer mixer like the UB802 Eurorack and say a Marshall V57M mic? I've talked to the folks at zzounds and they think yes. I've heard some talk that Behringer mixers can be "noisy"..any truth to that, or does that just apply to the low-end Behringers?

Any other suggestions for low-cost mixer/mics that deliver decent quality sound?
I like the Behringers. Don't know about the mic. Not familiar with it. I think Behringer has the best bang for the buck out there right now.... :D
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The mic would be okay, but behringer does tend to get noisy after a bit of use, as in faders making noise. I've had a 6 channel one for over a year, and it started getting a little noisy after about 3 months.
hm ive both good and terrible things about marshall mics :shock:

the behringer mixer should be fine, ive been using mine for about 5 months, still sounds clean...