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Soundcraft Mixing Consoles news

  • Soundcraft Vi1TM

    Soundcraft Vi1TM

    03/16/10 in Soundcraft Vi1

    The Soundcraft Vi Series is a standalone console package with 32 channels of analogue input to 27 analogue outputs, plus 6 digital inputs, 4 Stereo FX Returns and 6 digital outputs in one chassis.

  • Soundcraft Vi2 Console

    Soundcraft Vi2 Console

    10/15/09 in Soundcraft Vi2

    Soundcraft is now offering a Vi Series control surface for applications where space is very tight.

  • Soundcraft Si1 Digital Live Sound Console

    Soundcraft Si1 Digital Live Sound Console

    09/12/09 in Soundcraft Si1

    The Si Series family has been joined by a third member, the Soundcraft Si1 digital live sound console.

  • Soundcraft Si Series

    Soundcraft Si Series

    04/21/09 in Soundcraft Si2

    Following last month's launch of the compact Soundcraft Si2, Soundcraft has announced a new software revision to include Graphic equalizers on the desk and the availability of an offline editor, Virtual Si, for the platform.

  • Soundcraft Vi Interface Cards

    Soundcraft Vi Interface Cards

    04/21/09 in Soundcraft Vi6

    More option interface cards for the Soundcraft Vi Series Digital Live Sound consoles have been released, expanding the applications of the digital mixer into Broadcast, and adding capabilities for direct recording from the desk, according to the company.

  • Soundcraft MFXi Series

    Soundcraft MFXi Series

    04/12/09 in Soundcraft MFXi 12

    Soundcraft has taken upgraded the MPM and MFX Series of mixers, giving birth to the MFXi and MPMi Series (emphasizing the high input count on each).

  • [NAMM] Soundcraft Si3

    [NAMM] Soundcraft Si3

    01/17/09 in Soundcraft Si3

    Soundcraft is presenting its Si3 console at NAMM.

  • [NAMM] Soundcraft GB2R 12.2 & 16

    [NAMM] Soundcraft GB2R 12.2 & 16

    01/13/08 in Soundcraft GB2R 16

    Soundcraft expands their popular GB series with the GB2R, a 19 inch rack-mountable mixer avaible either in 16 mono inputs or 12 mono inputs variants.