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MGR/CaStEeL 01/30/2004

Behringer Ultratwin GX212 : MGR/CaStEeL's user review

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I read the reviews on gearreview and decided that this would be the best bang for the buck.
I am recently getting back into playing after a 7yr. drought and with only an acoustic guitar.
I went to musicians friend and purchase the amp for 249.99.

There are many things I enjoy about this amp. First I really enjoy the excellent clear tones and the effects are amazing.
I has read a lot of reviews and they said the amp didn't have great distortion so I purchased a dod death metal pedal. But the fact is it really has great overdrive to fairly ballsy distortion. As for the pedal I think I should have went for Boss or Marshall.

After two months I haven't found any. I love it so much I hope it never needs serviced, +I don't know where to get repairs done?

As good as any very nice. A kind of vintage fender look and feel.

Great Price. Great Sound! Hurry and get one before they raise the prices on these things!

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