Behringer V-Ampire LX110
Behringer V-Ampire LX110

V-Ampire LX110, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the V-Ampire series.

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SlapKid 01/02/2011

Behringer V-Ampire LX110 : SlapKid's user review

« Breathtaking! »

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This is my little last 3 years I have been waiting for (besides my specimen freshly landed in Toto date of mid-2008, Bebert put them on standby for 2 years then, perhaps for legal reasons go figure) not less.

Mine is red, beautiful but not too easy to read good ...
First, zero residual noise, noiseless vacuum.
HP 10 inches largebande 4 ohms, provides all kinds of uses (eg, electro, since the preamp is switchable for use as the effects and égalo) and greatly simplifies the choice of amp simulations seen that s' not occupy the box.

Headphone jack quality (try another brand to see it day and night) and, brace yourself in true stereo! Ping pong delay, reverb dimensional, it is sumptuous.
Aux stereo cinch plug for footswitch please (going up or down the 100 presets) plus expression pedal jack (for wah or global assignment is to mix delay etc.).
It's Christmas and I really even talking about the 99 roros paid ridiculous!


You have groups for the amps, and effects, plus buttons for the compressor-gate-bass-treble, and the tuner to remain accurate and very readable as far as color.
It's simple to use, provided that span overall entry is proposed, which is essential to me (you change your guitar and adjust just that level, and everything works at its best). Why badgers competition does not offer this setting they eh?

The encoders have a right ring of LEDs to indicate where one is, there is also great and no right not to do so (badgers competition).
They also have two events, because they sink in more turn (to double-amp effects, and access the 2nd parameter setting that is either the volume or effect according to feedback, sustain, threshold etc.) and c is great to work with this little amp.

The two bands equalizer is well made in that it offers a choice of frequency allocation, a bit like a semi-parametric. For the electro is very useful, but also for low and high frequencies of a substrate by a report that lespaul quite different.

It's pretty straightforward, nothing to do with vypyr, and above all effective.
I criticize the manip just to save a preset, we fastoche magnifier.

Another point to use if you make changes on a preset without saving and you turn off the amp, well, on again you find yourself exactly where you were. So long as you do not change the preset is on hold, and it is convenient to experiment.


This is nothing compared to sounds that delivers the baby, it is both artful and speaking.
The distos are dynamic, with a grain super (modern-savage beast gain) and the clean sounds are warm and not clinical (and less dynamic). I have not yet tested crunch, but the plexi is striking as it crunches.
In bypassing the preamp, everything else is available (effects, egalo, comp-gate, input sensitivity) and what a gas for electro! I use a folk and classical lag t66dce chet atkins epiphone and it makes very good, especially the headphone.
Because the small HP does not expect miracles of course. The speaker's cool to play without effects, it has a nasty little side roots cool.

The compressor is very good (Dynacomp model) which is not common. The reverbs are great because not too long but with great relief. The gate I'm using it yet, my guitars do not make noise (no fender ...). Modulations bin octave apart which is also limit I never use them, regardless of the equipment elsewhere.


Of course it's been 2-3 weeks, but I LX210 is less well thought ptit in this together (it is noon and cons stereo, that's why I bought it).
I love the freshness and spontaneity of the LX110 to use.
And the headphone is royal. So we may very well connected via the phones out on a sound and stereo sound hello there!
For the electro is so good that I'll sell my kustom sienna35 who has no reason to be present.

I use AKG K240 studio headphones for info.

In short, rush over there was I would say this amp is simply phenomenal!
My little marshall mg15fxnew is much less fun to experiment, especially at each change in guitar again adjust volume and gain more back for each channel, in addition to the blind. on the other hand with his pedals (50 roros more ...) is to pass the Royal Channel 4 review, but here we are already at double the price of the lx.
Level I mention it because it is right the opposite, namely pan in the tr ... no class but with an attitude much more rock than the lx. So perhaps it is you need and not much class W and licks.
I tested the box on my LX110 Marshall 412 (celestion g12-75t) 4 ohms and I'll let you know for Watts Bebert ... Patience coming soon!