Behringer V-Ampire LX110
Behringer V-Ampire LX110

V-Ampire LX110, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the V-Ampire series.

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Daltonion 07/02/2011

Behringer V-Ampire LX110 : Daltonion's user review

« Affordable yet Inspiring »

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This piece contains a 10" bugera dual-cone full-range speaker with a 45 watt digital modeling system which delivers clear mids and highs and surprisingly robust, chugging lows. This can definately play alongside a drumset and bass in a garage or basement and still cut through, although further amplification of mids and high wouldn't hurt.

Plug-ins include headphone and auxilary.

Includes 16 Cabinets and 7 effects with complete versatility. You can use just one.. or any combination. I sat and experimented with the sound I wanted for a riff for hours just because all the vibes I found were so cool in their own way.


The effects are simply inspiring. I can't plug into this thing, play, and ever dislike what I play unless I TRY TO SUCK. Truly a beautiful behringer delay, giving off water-related vibes. Try a distorted reverb and soar like a bird out of a fountain. Maybe you have a junker for a guitar, well, tune your strings and plug into this to be literally in awe. One can faithfully say this amp has both the ability to make cheap guitars sound good AND stay true to the tones produced by finer products.


I primarily used a Les Paul and the plexi cabinet with this fella with some Noise Gate and reverb to get a full, temple-ish, sound from aggressive rythmic chord plucking. I also enjoy some slow, drawn out, single notes coated in light distortion with delay or reverb to bring egyptian vibes and temple de ja vu's. Depending on your guitar model and overall setup the EQ might help you sculpt your sound a little more precisely.


This piece is so inspiring to say the least. If you can find one I guarentee you won't be let down. Any of the V - Amp series amps are ideal for musicians looking to mold authentic sounds at surprisingly powerful volumes without spending too much. If you desire more or different effects, you can get different Behringer amps with different V-Amp workstations and still rock with the 10" bugera. Overall, a powerful and inspiring piece of equipment.