Blackstar Amplification ID:30TVP

ID:30TVP, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the ID:Series series.

jcm050 06/15/2014

Blackstar Amplification ID:30TVP : jcm050's user review

«  Good amp »

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30W transistor modeling
There are several built-in effects (chorus, delay, distortion, overdrive, crunch, reverb ...)
6 amps simulated


The manual is online, but I've never downloaded, the amp is not difficult to tame
Good sound is easy to obtain.


It is very versatile, however, poorly digested humbucker guitars, which is why I do not have (especially since it was redundant). It tends to "crunch" in the clear. on the other hand, this problem is not present in single coil (I tried).


I kept + / - 1 year. The value for money is to honest.
This is a good amp to start or troubleshooting but I usually play on a marshall vintage modern ... You can not compare of course!
The big plus is the versatility, the little size, and light weight (14 kg). I used it once in a jamme and even without being transplanted onto a sound, he did his job very well!
Least, is that the simulations do not replace lamps a real tube amp, but now I quibble, you can not really compare (not really ...).