Eagletone Aero 8
Eagletone Aero 8

Aero 8, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Eagletone in the Aero series.

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Makos 06/01/2012

Eagletone Aero 8 : Makos's user review

«  Extra small combo! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Digital Combo Amp 6.5W to 4W
Operates on AC or batteries (6 x LR6 - Alkaline and NiMH)
2 channels - one clear and one containing six simulations of the Heavy Blues with gain control and volume
Multi-effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo + Delay or Reverb)
3-band EQ on 2 functional channels
Chromatic Tuner
HP 6.5-inch
Handle and carrying strap

Long gone, metal angles, thick black Tolex ... the serious no frills.

This product is distributed via Woodbrass, Eagletone being the mark of the sign

I do not surprise you by saying that this combo is made ... in China.


It is obviously not necessary to read a doc to use this little amp. Everything is clear and obvious. Its weight and size allow it to carry around everywhere ADDITION if powered by batteries (about 6-8 hours of battery life). The presence of a tuner is a plus.
Besides being able to be powered by batteries, it comes with a 9v transformer for power supply via power supply ... but the Aero 8 is even stronger:
It can withstand voltages up to 12V so it can be powered by the energy of a vehicle ... the ideal camping, ride. This surplus of 2.5 volts makes him take w (logic), its power output is reduced to 6.5 W. I tested, it works! Big, big good point.


In addition to the qualities mentioned in the previous chapter, this little combo sounds!
Of course we must not lose sight of the context, low power, small HP, low price. But it sounds. Very versatile because the 3-band EQ is effective. Channel 1 is clear, clean, well defined, we must push it before receiving an embarrassing blow. Simulations of channel 2 are good and have different colors based on numerical modeling amps famous.
Worst point of the effects, I find their standard mini too pronounced. But hey, it helps out. The reverb on the clean channel on mini goes well though.
Outstanding sound quality for this size and price. His versatility allows him to get away from good to very good with the input: the electric single-coil, humbucker and the same electro-acoustic.


Looking for this type of amp?
Portable and batteries (LR14 and LR6 not like much - Vox, Marshall, etc.), can be plugged into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle. All with good sound, a budget price, a serious finish ... The Aero 8 is for you ;-)
I can even affirm that I have had the hands, the Vox DA5, the Roland Cube. I also tested the little Marshall. For size and price, they are all pretty good. But with this Eagletone, you have the versatility of food and everything the competition offers, and a bit cheaper!

Excellent little combo, the question remains whether the reliability is the rendezvous. The question is also how all the competition ...
I recommend it without restraint.