Line 6 Flextone III
Line 6 Flextone III

Flextone III, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Flextone series.

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Tigerbill17 06/24/2004

Line 6 Flextone III : Tigerbill17's user review


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See review previous ones .... The real plus is the use of MIDI and the Web:
1) A software edition of presets that give ACCS ALL rglages possible (including those not directly accessible on the amp) ... Posibilit accder of the 36 internal patches b te WITHOUT pdalier FBV ...
In this regard, moreover, should be ashamed Line6: forcing the customer to buy a 340 for ACCS pdalier all memory of the amp is almost racketeering! While it was enough to put 2 misrables Bank UP & DOWN buttons and a small LED display .... 0 9 $ 4 break everything ... Fortunately, I bought a Behringer FCB1010 secondhand 100 makes me work as well!
2) A site with a database of more than 5000 sounds on the internet !!!!! download and send in Flex with the software .... GENIAL .... and you can send its own presets!
Apart from a very powerful .... It dmnage


Say nothing, for the price we have all the sounds you want ... I had a VOX AC 30 TB, I ertrouve THE SAME sound and behavior of the original knobs ... stunning ...
Although sr, was not the real sound of the original (even when ......!!!!)
So if you like a sound, buy an amp ... the original (and dpensez your sub!)
But if you want a hyper-range multiple raliste, Nothing better .. (except the Vetta II, but the also win the lottery!)
The manual is just enough ... For example, almost no information on the chanage effects on the electrical CHARACTERISTICS IO, etc ...
In my opinion, the Line6 Edit software is essential .... Prvoyez a powerful PC, because Java runs on a ...


Everything is good in the pig !!!!!!!!!!
I use it with an American Standard Start 97 (Candy Apple Red, the sound is better :-))))
Happiness in the clear with the simultaneous Fender, Vox and Roland JC 120
Satur well with all, except with the Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 which is zero! But ..... and it's the intrt du Midi .... The Flex III is upgradable ... This should be done to end fvrier 04: Line6 download on the site, send flash memory of the amp via midi, and presto, he parat the new TSL 100 will be the tonnerrre ... I look forward
In short, with a Variax (which I intend to buy soon because the price is likely to fall: it is in germany dj 666), is a carton

Changing ............. 06.22.04
That's it, the firmware version 1.10 is available on the Line6 site ... My Flex III 'update ...
It's better than ever !!!!!!!!!!
The Marshall is great ....... For-mi-da-bleuuu ... :-))


Bought late December (a recent US, but the version made in China should be as good quality ).... I can not get enough
Rpport Qualitprix / incomparable pleasure!